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rhinolessonforbeginners@gmail.com Pls describe your CAD experience.

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Private Lesson Only😊


3 day class for “In General”, “Product Design” or “Jewelry Design”

Miami Beach Art Deco District Location

Class by “Zoom” is available upon request. We can share screens during the sessions. It is “Live”, as are classroom sessions.

Level 1 Rhino3D

Class Day 1)
Getting familiar with Rhino3D software (Windows version) in general & becoming resourceful for future self- learning through an interactive session.

Class Day 2)
Getting to know highly useful commands and learning quick tips for how to use Rhino3D for designing & producing basic 2D drawings through various exercises. Tips include how to use jpeg image/importing files into a new file in order to start a new project.

Class Day 3)
Focus on 3D modeling-learning different strategies by working on 3D modeling projects.

This class is arranged for ultimate beginners. We focus on commands useful for 3D modeling for your field. No experience required. If you are a designer skilled with any CAD programs(photoshop, etc.), or master modelmaker, stone setter, or highly skilled jeweler/traditionally trained, it is a great advantage to add 3D modeling skill. Also, your background would help you to understand the program quickly. Drafting, construction method, and rendering technique in digital format will be covered. If you need to learn “Rhino3D” quickly, a class can be arranged specifically for “moving forward from Auto CAD or Inventor to Rhino3D”.


3D printing & product development methods using the software can be discussed at the end of the class. If interested in opening e-shop/creating your own collection + web-site development, there will be an introduction for it. We can offer suggestions for how to continue to learn after taking a class.

To register:

Please send an email with your name, availability(when you can take a class) & questions. We will reply with details(additional info./payment method/location). Registration to be completed 3 days in advance to start.

To prepare:

Using a laptop, download “Rhino3D” windows version from website, Rhino – Download – Rhino 7 for Windows Evaluation (rhino3d.com) Please have your laptop ready to use at class with the software installed. You will need a two button-scroll mouse and a charger. If you have a previous version/Rhino5, it is ok. OR you can buy an upgrade portion or download trial version 7. “Two-day class” is also available. It is faster & progressive. If you like to use Mac for installing Rhino3D for Windows, pls check Downloads – Install Parallels Desktop, Transporter Agent | Parallels. A lesson for Level 2 can be arranged upon request.


Designer/Authorized Rhino3D Trainer/GIA(Graduate Diamonds)

m. kimura

Majored in Art History at Keio University, in Tokyo and illustration at Setsu Mode Seminar under renowned artist/film critic-“Setsu Nagasawa”. She then moved to New York to attend Parsons School of Design and GIA. While taking evening courses at FIT under the watchful eye of Sandra Boucher and Maurice Gali, she developed a good sense of balance and style.

Her talent has been recognized with numerous awards, including the International Pearl Design Competition, Diva Award and The Gold Virtuosi International Design Award. She started her career as in-house designer in the Fine Jewelry, Fashion Jewelry & Watch industries.  

2D / 3D Design

Model Making



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To recognize your effort, a certificate will be issued upon completion of your class.


All the files saved during a class/demonstrations will be forwarded to you to keep.

By opening these files, you can practice at your own pace.

Follow- Up

If any projects remain unfinished, we welcome you to enquire about them by sending email.(free of charge). Pls attach your own files/drawings.




© COPYRIGHT 2021 Rhino3DLesson

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